Christine Rose, ACC - Coach and Advocate for Powerful Women (and a few smart men) in Business and in Life

My mission is to empower as many women as I can to design and live their best future.

Christine passionately believes in the power of owning your story and writing the best ending.

We’ve all faced challenges that have helped us grow. Christine Rose’s #MeToo story started at age five as she lived in a home with three abusers. Life has taught her deep lessons about power, forgiveness, compassion, and growth. She’s done a great deal of work and is busy living fully in the present, designing her future, and writing a powerful ending to her story. It’s a thrill for her to watch her clients (women executives and business owners) own their power and use it for good. A Seattle native, Christine invests decades of  life experience, business acumen, leadership development skills, and tough love to help women business owners and female executives create their best futures, by design.

From an early age, she’s helped people find their cadence.

In 1970 at age 9, during a summer band concert at the Ballard Locks in Seattle, Christine stepped up to guest conduct the 21st Army Band as it played the “Sound Off March.” Since then, she’s taken the podium to inspire audiences, sounding off with words of wisdom and empowerment. Christine has built deep, transformational relationships and created powerful impact for growth as

  • Coach and Consultant to Executive Women, Women Business Owners, and Women in Transitions
  • Director of Development and Nonprofit Advisory Board Member
  • Washington State Membership & Program Chair and local Chapter President of Business & Professional Women
  • Women’s Retreat Director and Teacher
  • Girl Scouts Service Unit Manager and Camp Director/Storyteller.

Christine opened her coaching business in 2015.

After retiring at age 53 from a career in business and nonprofit development, Christine opened her coaching practice working with women business owners and executives (and a few smart men) from a variety of industries including retail, tech,  MLM, non-profit, and the trades. Christine is a graduate of CoachU’s Advanced Corporate Coaching Program. An active certified (ACC) member of International Coach Federation and International Christian Coaches Association, she relishes the excitement of watching women attain lasting growth and success on their terms through coaching.

As a certified Taylor Protocols CVI (TM) coach, Christine offers her clients access to the only assessment reliably (over 95% repeat score reliability) measuring the innate, unchanging core values that are wired into your nature. Clients finally understand who they are at the deepest level, why they’re here, and are able to apply their values and skills to work with a sense of purpose, increasing performance and joy in all endeavors. Businesses have a new tool to reduce hiring and HR expenses while increasing the number of top performers on their teams.

When was the last time someone really listened to you?

As a coach, Christine partners with her clients,

  • listening deeply at the heart level
  • asking strategic questions
  • offering invaluable, practical tools and insights
  • helping them uncover their authentic self, set meaningful goals, and create their unique, proactive plan to attain them.

People who work with her gain new perspectives and the ongoing ability to march forward and create their best futures, by design. Appreciative clients now offer a strong ovation not unlike the one she received as guest conductor over 40 years ago.

Pursuing excellence, making a difference, celebrating life to the max.

Christine volunteers with local organizations that empower girls, women, low income minority students, and homeless and foster families. A portion of all coaching and speaking fees go to support these causes. Proud mom of two adult daughters, published author and songwriter, Toastmaster and novice Harley motorcyclist, Christine loves the Seattle Seahawks, great (decaf) coffee and chocolate, the scenic outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, travel, the arts, gardening, and adventuring with family and friends. Several of the photos on this site are her original pictures.

“Christine, thank you for the time you spent coaching me.

My revenue doubled in the past year and I’m delighted to have more time to work with clients who need custom jewelry designs!

I was able to hire two great employees and we’re working on a new best year.

You are a fabulous coach and a wonderful human being.”


Jeanette Betton, Kirkland, WA

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