Women executives, business owners and women in transition gain the leadership edge with coaching. Christine offers individual and group coaching by phone or Zoom video conference. Coaching in person depending on client needs.

Coaching for Women Executives.

View me as your Strategic Success Partner. See how you uniquely fit within your team and organization. Gain immediate benefits from the objectivity, confidentiality, and safety a coaching partnership offers as you address your objectives.

We work with the executive and organization to:

  1. Assess current gaps
  2. Get clear on target areas for client growth and skill development
  3. Create a personalized development plan based on your needs
  4. Gain each agreement with all stakeholders regarding goals and outcomes desired, and determine in advance how to measure the ROI for coaching
  5. Hold the client completely accountable for fully advancing on her personalized development plan
  6. Get feedback from stakeholders during and at the end of the coaching program
  7. Measure and calculate ROI.

Some Results of Executive Coaching:

  • Develop Executive Presence
  • Deepen EQ, be present with people
  • Strengthen coaching and executive leadership skills
  • Improve ability to work with your team
  • Hone communication skills
  • Recognize and remove toxic behaviors at work that hold you back
  • Develop strategies to maximize your team’s success
  • Increase collaboration
  • Develop an outward mindset
  • Gain greater respect of top leadership (of all genders)
  • Live a sane, healthy life in the midst of pressure
  • Thrive in the face of change
  • Other wins based on topics you select.

Address the unique challenges you face as an executive women in a male dominated environment. Be taken seriously. Check with your company (Professional Development Team) and your immediate supervisor about how coaching fits in their professional development toolkit. Your best future is as near as you can imagine.

 Contact Christine to schedule a consultation for Executive Coaching.


Coaching for Small Business Owners.

You want freedom and success. If you can’t see more than a foot in front of you, you’ll never reach for the sky. Working with your coach, you set the agenda for your coaching based on your personal needs and the changes you want to make right now. Results from business coaching may include:

  • Successfully Launching Your Small Business*
  • A newly developed or revised business plan
  • Implementing your strategic plan for the first time
  • Creating a Powerful Marketing Plan*
  • Managed, positive cash flow
  • New systems to support your consistent growth
  • Securing financing for new services/products
  • New product development strategy
  • Improved communication with customers
  • Effective recruitment, retention and career development plans for your team
  • Managing family relationships while keeping on track with the business
  • Meeting and exceeding sales targets quarter after quarter, year after year
  • Creating your exit strategy
  • Creating Sanity* in life and work so you can finally take a two week vacation
  • Others as you choose.

Starting my own small business has given me a window into the kinds of pressures women business owners face. You are more amazing  than you know and your best future is right around the corner.

Contact Christine to schedule a Business Coaching consultation.


Coaching for the Crossroads.

Women who are in a transition, whether it’s coming, underway, or mostly over, find themselves further ahead with coaching. Coaching results for women undergoing a professional or personal transition may include:

  • Strategic planning and preparation to be properly positioned for upcoming transitions
  • Improved awareness of opportunities arising in your transition
  • Increased EQ, ability to manage emotions and respond to others’ heightened emotions in the transition
  • Clear assessment and strategy for quickly moving through transition to desired results
  • Effective control of resources during and after the transition
  • Evaluation of needs and values, managing transition to meet needs and align with values
  • Confidently creating Your Best Future, by Design*
  • And more, as you choose.

I’m no stranger to transition! From a sales winner to stay-at-home mom,  from community volunteer to empty-nester to midlife rejoining the marketplace,  from for-profit companies to non-profit charity, from executive to retirement to starting a service business, I’ve come to love transitions and to see them as amazing growth opportunities. Hiring a coach during some of my transitions was the best investment I’ve made with the highest ROI. You’ve got this!

 Contact Christine to schedule a free 20 minute appointment to change your life for the better.

*Individual coaching, or may be offered as small group coaching program


Christine offers limited consulting services and referrals on the following topics:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Consulting for Solopreneurs
  • Nonprofits –  Board/Executive/Organizational/Fund Development
  • Professional Development

Inspirational Speaking:

A Toastmaster (CC, CL) and storyteller, Christine has educated and inspired audiences of 25 to 400.

Keynote/seminar topics:

  • 6 Keys to THRIVE During Change
  • Create a New Me Too: Build Your Best Future, by Design
  • Get Unstuck! Overcome Obstacles & Move Forward
  • Powerful Women: Learning, Living, Leading
  • Developing Executive Presence
  • Small Biz Success Strategies
  • Your custom topic

Contact Christine for more information about customized seminars or speaking at your event or retreat.

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