Coaching Groups

Community is a powerful environment for learning. Share the coaching experience with your peers. Group members agree to maintain complete confidentiality, and to continue coaching through the entire program. No new members are added after the group forms.

The interactive group format:

Six months of 90 minute group coaching sessions twice per month (12 sessions total), with exactly six clients per group. Includes “Hot seat” individual coaching while group members are fully present and may contribute questions or observations.

  • Accountability check in on the prior session’s goals.
  • Coaching and learning around session topic.
  • Each session closes with a review of “take aways” – what each member is learning from the coaching session, and actions to be taken before the next session.

Groups are forming now!

Contact Christine to learn more about group coaching, for specific information about the coaching groups listed, or about designing a group around your chosen topic, to create your best future, by design.

Executive Success, By Design

Invest in your future.  A tailored program for women executives and leaders only. Strengthen your professional foundation to support your exceptional life and career. Limited availability!

12 PART PROGRAM: Meetings twice per month for six months. Session topics may include:

  • Leadership skills
  • Establish and maintain firm boundaries
  • Access your Executive Presence
  • Design a personal strategic plan and SMART goals to pave your way to success
  • EQ: Emotional Intelligence
  • Real success balancing multiple priorities well
  • Storytelling as a leader, own your story
  • Habits and systems to support yourself personally and professionally
  • Insight into your core values and crafting your personal vision
  • Plug energy drains and weed out tolerations

Contact Christine today for registration info or to learn more about coaching for executives and leaders.

Women Business Owners Success, By Design

This 10 part program brings you the creative power of a group of peers and the accountability of a professional business coach in a supportive, objective environment to build your best future, by design. You’ll face your obstacles head on and make better decisions to improve your bottom line. Small groups, limited availability!

10 PART PROGRAM: Meeting twice per month for six months. Session topics include:

1.  Be Real  – Assessment review to determine exactly where you are now and exactly what you want to change
2.  Envision Success – Casting a clear vision of where you want to be in 6 months
3.  Set Your Strategy – Including smart goals, milestones to direct your changes
4.  Team – Identifying and engaging your support team
5.  Face Your Giants – Obliterating tolerations, or ninja-ing what’s in your way
6.  Unleash the Power of Story – Seeing beneath to stories you’re telling yourself and rewrite
7.  Take Massive Action – Coaching on implementation of plans, accountability for results
8.  Update Your Goals, Uplevel Your Future – Creating the habit of setting clear goals not only annually, but quarterly, monthly, weekly
9.  Revisit Your Strategies – Develop flexibility in response to your clients/your own needs
10. Evaluate Your Progress – Celebrate wins, recalibrate where needed
Bonus session 1 – THRIVE in the face of change.
Bonus session 2 – SET INTENTIONS for the next six months.

Contact Christine today for registration info or to learn more about group coaching for women entrepreneurs.

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